Exciting Changes to the Online Meeting Room!

What's New



Subtle control access & a decluttered screen

We’ve reduced the amount of screen space that controls & settings used so that you have a full, clear, view of what’s important: your discussion.

  • Mute, Video, & Share are located at the top.
  • Additional settings are located on the right side.
  • Control menus become hidden when you stop moving your cursor.
  • Only active speakers are displayed in the main screen.

Larger calls, smaller tasks with new participant list

Available from the chat window, the new participant list allows you to easily moderate & manage participants on larger scale calls.

  • Participants are listed in order of who spoke last or if they’ve raised their hand.
  • Icons beside participant names show their audio, wifi signal, and if they have connection issues or have raised their hand.
  • Mute/Unmute all or individual participants.

Along with the recent release we have updated the user guide and support articles for your convenience.

If you have any questions or feedback please send us an email support@ntwine-conferencing.com.